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Author Topic: Forum Rules (last update April 18, 2024)  (Read 192552 times)
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    « on: May 05, 2010, 08:41:29 AM »

        !!! Note !!!
        Keep your email updated, you can change it in your profile and activate it again.
        SAFF reserves the right to change user names determined not appropriate with forum policy. If there is important information regarding SAFF or your account, it will be sent by email. If you want to unsubscribe from SAFF, you can delete your account. Your email will not be sold or given to others.

        This forum's posting language is english. All posts are to be made in english, except in the following language specific discussion only boards Dutch and German

        !!! Disclaimer !!!
        You have to be an adult to access this site. By entering you agree to the following:
        • I am of legal age to view porn in my country.
        • The sexually explicit material I am viewing is for my own personal use and I will not expose minors to the material.

        *** The staff and the owner of this forum reserve the right to remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if they determine that removal is necessary. ***

        FORUM RULES:

        Rule 1.The owners of this forum are not responsible for the content / textposted or uploaded.
        However, the owner or staff reserve the right to remove any objectionable content discovered, should they deem that removal is necessary

        Rule 2.Do not post underage pornographic content! You will be banned.

        • 2a. Do not post underage, (<18 yrs.), pornographic content, (Real life, Cartoons, Hentai videos, pictures & drawings), in the forum, in profile signatures or avatars.
        • 2b. Do not link to underage pornographic content, (as described above), from other sites.
        • 2c. Staff reserves the right to remove objectionable non-pornographic content featuring minors, (under 18 years of age).

        Rule 3.SAFF adheres to the DMCA Act. If you are a content owner and wish to file a DMCA report please read here:

        Rule 4.Don't post links to content containing malware, or may have a risk of malware (like .exe files). If we find malware or an .exe file in a link, you will be banned.

        Rule 5.Do not post phishing links. You will be banned.

        Rule 6.Do not speed-post or garbage spam post (eg: "t"). Take the time to really thank the posters to whom you want to show your appreciation. Staff reserves the right to penalize members or remove replies if determined speed posting is to gain forum privileges or if content of reply is deemed unacceptable.

        Rule 7. Don't post links or references to external porn sharing sites (blogs, forums, etc), password sites, warez sites, or ranking sites, in your posts, in your links, or in your signatures.

        - If you have your own non-commercial internet site, you can sign up with our affiliates system and if approved your site can be posted in your signature - read here: Affiliates in your post/signature/profile.

        • 7a. Never post password/warez sites!!! - you will be banned!
        • 7b. Don't use another site name or url as a password for a file. (added - Sep 16, 2009)
        • 7c. Don't display another site name in preview pictures. (added - Sep 16, 2009)
        • 7d. Don't embed another site name within a video or picture - no "watermark" (added - Apr 12, 2011)

             (Note: rules 7c and 7d do not apply to originating website/producer watermarks  or when there is a link back to saff.cc)

        Rule 8. Do not post links to content / hosts that have many commercial links, ads, pop-ups or require payment to download. Payment for individual links are not allowed (links to filehost with the need of premium is fine).

        Rule 9.Do a search before posting content to make sure you're not reposting. Explanation as to what is or isn't allowed:

        • 9a. Reposts - not allowed!
          Repost - when different members post the same content with the same links - this might happen if material is copied and pasted from another site. This is against the rules here at SAFF.

          TipTip: perform a search before posting to see if the links have been posted already. For some hosts you can search by the complete url, like depositfiles, and it will yield results if the link has been posted on SAFF. Some sites you may have to search part of the url; such as the numerical sequence of the url for rapidshare (eg http://rapidshare.com/files/295055875/filename.wmv - search for 295055875) or the alphanumeric part of the url for megaupload (eg http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Rz4YNJ7C - search for Rz4YNJ7C).
          Please read before posting content:
          SAFF Tutorial - How to search for reposts (and how to avoid reposting)

        • 9b. Mirror Posts - allowed, but within same thread as original.
          Mirror Posts: this is when the same content, (regardless of file size or video quality), is posted but with different links, from an approved file-share host. This is not considered a repost here at SAFF, it is considered a mirror link. Therefore it is not against the rules.

          BUT: Mirror links should be posted in the same topic as the original links. Do not start a new post. If a mirror post is discovered, Staff will remove it from the public forum.  Please remember, all mirrors must include preview in reply message.

          TipTip: perform a search to see if the content has been posted. Try your best to see if the content has been posted, for example if you know the name of a performer in the video then search by that name. If you know the site's name, or producer's name, then search by that. If you know a performer's name and it involves a theme (eg domination), then search by the name, domination, dominates, dominated, etc.
          • If you make an effort and do not come up with any results, then you will be treated fairly. If you make repeated mirror posts when the originals are easily found by searching common terms, then you may face action from the staff.

        • 9c. Double Post/Cross Post - not allowed!
          Double Post/Cross Post - when a member posts the same content repeatedly, either in different sections of SAFF, or even within the same section but at different times. This is not allowed here at SAFF.

          • Do not post the same content in different boards here at SAFF, even if it would belong in multiple areas. Only post it in the board which you feel it belongs the most. If the content would apply to other boards you may PM the moderator of that board, and the moderator may have a thread where they post links to material in other sections of SAFF (see below in info on cross linking).
          • You should know the content that you have already posted, therefore do not post it again (even if it has been a long time since you originally posted it).
          • If you have uploaded or found the same content on another fileshare site, then add the mirror links to your existing post, do not start a new topic.

        • 9d. Cross Linking - posts only for cross linking are not allowed!
          Cross linking - when a member posts content in one board and then posts a link to that topic elsewhere at SAFF.

          • posts solely for cross linking are not allowed
          • if 'cross linking' is done as part of a content post:
            • links to similar content are okay, placed at the end of a content post, maximum of 10 links (example: in a post for Full Movie #3 it would be okay at the end to cross link to Full Movie #1 and #2).
            • links to unrelated content are not allowed (eg a cross link to a shemale post in a BBW post).

        Rule 10.  Don't post links with referral or affiliation ID's. If you have your own site and you want to advertise or promote it, please contact an admin and ask how to advertise on this forum. Read_More_Here

        Rule 11. Multiple accounts, karma cheating, manipulation or trading.
        • 11a. Do not create multiple accounts for the purpose of cheating the karma system - you will be caught! You are allowed to have ONE active account. Multiple accounts will be banned by our Gates Guardian Team.
        • 11b. There is to be no trading of karma between members solely for the purpose of raising each others' karma count. If it appears that two or more members are consistently giving each other karma simply to raise karma, then all members involved will face action from staff.

        Rule 12. Don't post passes or spoofs in the public area (read more about this subject in the VIP area).

        Rule 13. Don't post links to sample galleries or sample content of paysites.

        Rule 14. Preview pictures are required. Always attach preview pictures, external image hosts are not allowed.

        Read here how to attach a preview

        • 14a. Preview pictures must be a minimum of 250 x 400 pixels in size. (added - Sep 19, 2011)
        • 14b. Each video/content that is posted or linked must have it's own preview picture.
        • 14c. Only attach content related pictures, do not attach personal or promotional pictures, or banners
        • 14d. Always attach content specific pictures as the first attachment, so it shows as a proper preview on the index page.
        • 14e. Folders should have a preview available for each file contained in the folder. (added - Febr 26 2018)
        • 14f. Pictures from a host or blog without popups, commercials, etc., can be allowed after the 1st attachment.
        • Your SAFF admin suggests:
          Everyone benefits when you showcase your links with:
          1)  Single Snap Shot as first attachment.
          2)  Movie Strip as second attachment.
          By posting a Single Snap Shot as your first attachment, the pic will be proudly displayed on the Board index.  This will increase the number of hits to your post.
          By including a Movie Strip as a second attachment, members will know exactly what you posted.  Movie Strips guarantee more karma, more downloading traffic and more friends.
        If you want to add a larger file sized animated gif, you are allowed to embed a link stored on an external filehost (like http://imgbox.com), but do always attach a normal preview using the attachment function (added - November 11, 2016).

        Posts without attachment previews will be moved to Posts without Previews attached OR Unacceptable Preview.

        Rule 15. Only use an allowed file share host when posting.  Each video/content requires its own direct link (not encrypted) to an approved file share host.  When posting links to folders, the content inside folder must match preview and description in post.  Mirror links of the same content are not limited to the approved file share host list.  However, should the approved file share host links die, the post will be removed from the public forum.

        The list of allowed file sharing sites can be found in a drop down menu, above the subject line, when posting a new post:

        Posts that don't use an allowed file share host will be sent to Unapproved Filehost or wrong coded link (encrypted) Trash Bin..

        • 15a. Post using a good subject.  Subject Header must be in English.  Gibberish disguising is not permitted, (ie:  D3vin M1ch@3l$).  Also, it is required to have the file share site as a prefix in the subject. To add the filehost prefix you must select your host from the "allowed fileshare sites" drop down list when posting (see above image for location of drop down list)

        Rule 16. No nudism on saff. Saff is a sex forum, nudism has nothing to do with sex.

        Rule 17. Always respect others. Respect and understand that others may have cultural, religious, political, ethical, (etc) views that are different than yours. Do not belittle or degrade someone because of a different opinion or viewpoint. Just agree to disagree, and move on. We are here to have fun and enjoy SAFF. If a member is fighting or insulting other members, then they may face action from staff, up to and including restricted access to SAFF.

        Rule 18. Provide direct links to each content posted (using an approved file share host). Don't break links when posting, like hxttp or h t t p. And do not put the links between [code] [/code] tags.

        Rule 19. Don't post small clips less than 10 MB, or less than 1 minute. You may only post small clips if you have a special clip belonging to a fetish board (it will be up to the local board moderator to allow this or to remove any offending posts). If you have several small clips then post them all in one thread/post.

        Rule 20. Do not split files into smaller parts UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY because of upload limitations due to personal computer or internet connection. If splitting is needed for larger size files, please split into the largest parts possible so free users can download the complete file with less wait time.
        added - Jun 20, 2009, changed Feb 25, 2013

        Rule 21. Don't share content hosted on streaming sites, like youtube. If you want to share the content, just download it and upload it to a fileshare host with a preview attached. How to download videos from youtube
        added - Aug 16, 2009

        Rule 22. No private sharing. SAFF is an open sharing forum, any content you want to share should be done by posting. Sharing or trading by private methods, such as PMs, is not allowed on SAFF. Also, it is not allowed to use SAFF (by posting nor by PM) to try and recruit other members into private trading. Even if the trading occurs outside SAFF, you cannot use SAFF to recruit members to join or participate. If you are caught privately sharing/trading, or trying to recruit or encourage others to privately share, you may be banned
        added - Sep 26, 2009

        Rule 23. Do not flood boards with multiple posts. If you have several clips that you want to post within a short time span, and the clips are hosted on the same file share site, then post them within one thread. Local moderators may post more specific guidelines for this within certain boards, be sure to read any local board rules before posting.

        Rule 24.Do not post any content that depicts the killing of, or cruelty to live animals, mammals, fish, birds, insects, reptiles, or amphibians. If you post any such material you will be banned.

        Rule 25.Do not use the HIDE function, which requires a reply, in the porn sections. Links (and only the links) can be karma or post count RESTRICTED, but do not use the HIDE function. Some exemptions are allowed. Contact admin about it.

        Rule 26.Do not post Bestiality content!  You will be banned.

        • 26a. Do not post Bestiality content, (Real life sex with animal videos & pictures), in the forum, in profile signatures or avatars.
        • 26b. Do not link to Bestiality content, (as described above), from other sites.
        • 26c. Staff reserves the right to remove other content featuring animals if determined objectionable.

        Rule 27.When posting multiple clips (minimal 5) in one thread, be sure to include a preview image that shows a general part of all clips, and upload other samples to a filehost.
        updated - March 30, 2024

        Other Important Information:
        • Anyone who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to notify an administrator or moderator of this forum immediately.
          The staff and the owner of this forum reserve the right to remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if they determine that removal is necessary.

        • Post your content in the correct board.
          Movies go in the main board, pictures or galleries go in the gallery sub board.

        • If you would like to make a request, you can only do this only after 25 posts. Use the correct subject prefix; "request content" can be selected from the Allowed fileshare sites pull down menu (see image in rule 15 for location of drop down menu).
          Any requests made by members with less than 25 posts will be moved to the trash.

        • You can give Karma(Read_Here) to show your appreciation for a good post

        • If you find a dead link, please click the <Report to moderator> button with your comment. This will help us to keep the board clean.

        • The more you post, the more boards you will see.
          See: Member groups
          If you donate, you will see all at once. --> donate

        • It's also possible to have your own board. Ask...  Roll Eyes

        • Don't post illegal or copyrighted content you don't have permission to share. The owner of this board is not responsible in any way for content posted by members.

        • You have to be an adult to access this site. By entering you agree to the following:
          I am of legal age to view porn in my country. The sexually explicit material I am viewing is for my own personal use and I will not expose minors to the material.

        • Dutch:
          Alle berichten op dit forum vallen onder het recht van vrije meningsuiting en kunnen daardoor nooit als verboden worden beschouwd.

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